New York University’s Steinhardt School, Department of Art and Art Professions

New York University’s Steinhardt School, Department of Art and Art Professions


From 2009-2018 I authored and taught the syllabus for “Digital Technologies and the Arts Organization: From Strategy to Practice,” in the MA Program in Visual Arts Administration in the Department of Art and Art Professions at New York University's Steinhardt School. This required course continues to consider the relationship between technology and arts organizations with a focus on institutional applications of social media and other digital technologies in marketing, communications, and educational efforts.

Course Description

“Digital Technologies and the Art Organization examines how arts organizations use networked technologies and digital media in the development and fulfillment of their missions. The creative, theoretical, and practical implications of integrating various technologies will be considered from multiple perspectives, along with the role of critical evaluation in professional practice. Students will gain a broad overview and understanding of the developing landscape of networked, interactive, and mobile technologies while considering their applications to visual arts administration in order to make informed decisions for their future organizations and effectively communicate with technical staff, consultants, artists, and vendors. This course will consider the ethical and political implications of the relationship between digital media and arts organizations in this present moment, here in New York City, where we are all mutually situated—and beyond.”


In 2015, I organized “From Object to Audience: Technology, Value, and the Arts,” a one-day symposium at NYU Steinhardt School Department of Art and Art Professions that covered a range of subjects including institutional strategy and change, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, blockchain technology, collecting digital art, and digital representation.

The conference featured the following speakers: Michael Connor and Zach Kaplan (Rhizome); Kelani Nichole (Transfer Gallery); Clement Valla; Kevin McCoy (NYU faculty, founder of Monegraph); Mike Pepi; Max Dana; David Sheingold (Artspool); Yancey Strickler (Co-founder, Kickstarter); Kimberly R. Drew (Metropolitan Museum of Art); Matthew Israel (Artsy); Emily Keegin (Bloomberg Business Week, The Fader)