Selected Writing

While my interests are manifold, much of my published writing has centered around the intersection of art, culture, and digital media. First launched as an art school thesis project and now long offline, my blog, Forward Retreat (2000-2008), was part of the early cohort of American art blogs that bore initial influence on then-emerging digital publishing practices in the arts. Earlier in my career, I was the digital editor of Curbed SF (since acquired by Vox and New York Magazine) and Art in America.

Interview Magazine (1969-2018): ‘An Enduring Symbol of Downtown Cool, Even as Downtown Became Disney’
A tribute to the iconic New York journal: a platform through which founder Andy Warhol operated as artist, hustler and public intellectual
Narcissism in the Digital Age
A review of Kristen Dombek's "The Selfishness of Others: An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism"
Another ‘C’ Word: On Content and the (Techno) Curatorial
Redhook Journal (Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies)
An (epic) essay on digital, linguistic, and curatorial intersectionality
What is Metahaven?
A critical analysis of the work of Dutch design studio Metahaven
It's Complicated: The Institution as Publisher
Superscript Reader, Walker Art Center
An op-ed on the politics that govern institutional publishing, written by invitation on the occasion of "Superscript: Arts Journalism and Criticism in a Digital Age" at the Walker Art Center
Safety in Numbers
Algorithms, Big Data and surveillance: what’s the response, and responsibility, of art? Jörg Heiser asked seven artists, writers and academics to reflect.
The Real Power of Open Innovation
Mousse Magazine
A conversation with New York-based artists João Enxuto & Erica Love about the critical intersection of technology and institutions
The Museum Interface
Art in America
A conversation with designer Rob Giampetro about museum technology and culture.
A Thing Remade: A Conversation with Paul Chan
A conversation with artist Paul Chan regarding his publishing venture, Badlands Unlimited, and its relationship to digital culture
Off the Page
Paul Chan’s new publishing venture and the relationship between physical and virtual methods of book production
I Was Here
Paper Monument
An investigation into the social role of gallery sign-in books as physical relics of experience in the digital age

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