András Szántó, LLC

András Szántó, LLC

Joselyn Museum

In 2023, I worked with the András Szántó, LLC consulting team to provide comprehensive strategic planning services to the Joselyn Museum. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, the Joselyn serves as the city’s premiere art museum, housing a formidable collection and rich program of educational initiatives. In 2024, the Joselyn will complete a major overhaul of its physical campus, with transdisciplinary architecture firm Snøhetta leading an expansion of the museum's building. A new brand identity, designed by Pentagram, will be articulated throughout the building, printed collateral, and the museum’s website.

Collaborating closely with the ASLCC consulting team and the museum’s entire staff and board on-site in Omaha, I devised the digital component of the museum’s new strategic plan; I also collaborated on the overall strategic framework. I conducted extensive interviews with the museum’s board members and staff; devised and proctored workshops; and completed extensive desk research and writing, all of which contributed to the final plan. The plan was unanimously approved by the board.


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